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"the latest in military intelligence and signal processing technology"



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GateGuard is the best solution we've seen for guest and delivery tracking, for unattended and attended buildings. The technology is superior and the team is always there to be helpful.

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Only SubletSpy has Friend or Fraud AI TM

Don’t be fooled by sites offering to monitor who are only using people clicking around in Philippines. Only SubletSpy has advanced military technology and artificial intelligence developed by our sister company Friend or Fraud, named one of the top-6 cyber startups in Israel by Visa Europe at DLD.

Because there are hundreds of thousands of listings, manual labor can't find everything. You might save a buck by doing it manually or cheaply but you'll lose a valuable eviction or get hit with major city fines.


Example Reports


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Ari Teman featured on The Real Deal cover


The Real Deal featured our founder Ari Teman in its Feb 2018 cover story on real estate tech disruptors.


"a worthwhile investment for property owners."

The Real Deal

"the latest in military intelligence and signal processing technology"


"Fascinating technology."

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"a 21st century solution to the problem of illegal hotels"

Frequent Questions

Yes. While most cases settle before getting to court (often in under 60 days!), top Landlord law firms regularly use SubletSpy reports in cases to evict tenants.

Yes. Top landlord law firms recommend us and we can introduce you for a referral. (With hundreds of landlords & management companies using us, chances are your law firm already uses our reports!)

We monitor hundreds of websites, including the major brands like Airbnb.

Yes. We also help city governments, officials, law enforcement, and organizations de-anonymize illegal sublets. Please contact us.

We are based in Manhattan, NYC and Miami Beach, FL, and serve clients across the planet.

The only pricing and terms we offer is that on the website.

We are spreading the cost over time to keep it affordable for smaller landlords, so we do not offer shorter periods or trials. This is an expensive process and you’ll get most of the value early-on (within days) as we catch and report all existing and past tenant behavior. As well, you’ll find that illegal subletting on sites like Airbnb goes in a seasonal pattern, just like hotel occupancy, where a few times a year are peak travel and tourism, and others are slow, so you want to have more time to catch tenants during peak times.

You can pay the full contract upfront, but there are no cancellations or shorter terms.

Unfortunately there are many reasons you can lose a case having nothing to do with our report, and another attorney may have won that case, so no, there are no refunds.

Airbnb hosts still can bring bedbugs, noise complaints, major city fines & violations, assault, and massive liability to your buildings that insurance may refuse to cover. As well, if a tenant is earning thousands on Airbnb or similar sites, you may want to increase their rent!

We often catch illegal sublets that are not on Airbnb and may be longer term. You may also benefit from the GateGuard.xyz face-recognition intercom & AI doorman and LookLock -- created by the founder of SubletSpy, Ari Teman. (Please note: We are separate companies but co-market.)



We serve property owners, managers worldwide

< 20 UNITS
$29 / building /mo
20-50 UNITS
$49 / building /mo
$4/unit setup fee (one-time)
51-99 UNITS
$99 / building /mo
100-149 UNITS
$149 / building /mo
$4/unit setup fee (one-time)
150+ UNITS
$249 / building /mo
$4/unit setup fee (one-time)

36 month contract. No refunds or cancellations.


We monitor worldwide and can help your city collect taxes, enforce laws, and levy fines.

Our Municipal Compliance Dashboard & Report Engine can help your team catch & enforce your laws. If you need more ( we can do the enforcing? collect taxes? issue & collect fines, track taxes, etc.) please request a custom proposal. Not available in NYC.

+ $2499 setup fee (one-time)
+ 40% of all fines issued to individuals or properties we report
+ $2499 setup fee (one-time)
+ 40% of all fines issued to individuals or properties we report
+ $2499 setup fee (one-time)
+ 40% of all fines issued to individuals or properties we report

36 month contract. No refunds or cancellations.


New York city has complex laws ( an Airbnb can violate 4 or ore laws ) and incredible density requiring significant more work by our machines and team.

There is also tremendous upside to landlords for vacating law-breaking regulated units and raising the rent. We have helped vacate over 500 stabilized units violating NYC housing laws, and work with top Landlord & Tenant Firms to help you remove law-breaking tenants in weeks? not months. 90% of tenants leave within 60 days because subletting on Airbnb is an "incurable offence" - the tenant does not get a second chance.

< 1000 UNITS
1000+ UNITS
+ $49 /mo/building
$6/unit setup fee (one-time)
Report on: Regulated Tenant/Unit: $8000; Rent Controlled Tenant/Unit: $15000
$1250 billed immediately on hit. Remainder by check or card.

36 month contract. No refunds or cancellations.

About Us

Proactive, not reactive.

Teman is a mission-driven, engineer-led firm headquartered in New York City, with team across the USA, Tel Aviv, and Eastern Europe. We create proprietary, world-best technology that helps over 100 of the world's top landlords and management companies be proactive instead of reactive -- alerting them to issues before they become problems.

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